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DirectMail2.0 WhiteLabel for Agencies

Looking for a way to increase sales and revenue in a printing or marketing business? DirectMail2.0 will soon be offering a white label version for agencies, printers and marketing companies that will allow you to bring in additional revenue without any additional work.

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  • What is DirectMail2.0?

    DirectMail2.0 is an add-on service to a direct mail campaign that offers mail tracking, call tracking and Google follow-up ads to any of your clients' campaigns.
  • How Much Revenue Does DirectMail2.0 generate?

    Clients are charged per piece for this add-on service and you can estimate additional revenues for your print or advertising business of 1-7 cents per piece over what you are currently charging. This means that if you are currently selling 50 million mail pieces per year, the additional revenue will be between $500,000 and $3.5M for your business depending on the size of each individual campaign you are selling.
  • What is Involved in White Labeling DirectMail2.0?

    Starting to sell DirectMail2.0 is a simple process. First, your portal is created, which is customized with your logo. Next, we work with your team to roll out training and marketing to your existing customers. The entire process is already created. You just benefit from the additional revenue.
  • DirectMail2.0 Call Tracking

    The call tracking feature of DirectMail2.0 allows clients to track exactly how many calls they receive from each campaign, and allows them to listen to recordings of their phone calls to ensure their reception and sales process is running smoothly. Calls are directed to the client's business phone but recorded and tracked through call tracking software.

    This feature also helps printers and ad agencies prove the effectiveness of their campaigns for clients who do not do their own accurate tracking.

  • DirectMail2.0 Mail Tracking

    The mail tracking feature shows clients the predicted date for mail delivery, as well as the actual delivery dates. This gives clients the ability to line up additional staff as needed. It also gives mail houses and marketing companies a simple tool to prove mail was delivered as promised.
  • DirectMail2.0 Google Follow-Up Ads

    Your clients get the added benefit of our partnership with the Google network.

    When prospects receive their mail piece and go to the client's website, but do not take the desired action (either filling out a web form or purchasing online), they are captured through our online follow-up system. Then, when the prospect leaves the client's website and browses elsewhere, the client's ad shows up directing them back to the client's website. Ads are shown through the Google network on over a million websites including major sites like and